Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The Wednesday Poem - The Cat in Lockdown

The Cat in Lockdown

I saw a cat in a window today,
it's paws were white and its coat was grey,
I passed it in the pouring rain,
It smiled a smiled of contentment,

The cat smiled on as I passed by,
it seemed to smile as it caught my eye,
I was in the pouring rain
It laughed its laugh of confinement

Much later on the cat was gone
Just an empty window sill was looking on
the rain had stopped the sun came out
Maybe it felt a sense of resentment?

Copyright Roger Tichborne 2020

This poem was originally entitled Inspiration. There is not too much inspiration to be had at the moment for us artistic types. The cat lives at the bottom of my road, it sits on the window sill and watches the world. It always watches me pass with a sense of interest. I have noticed that when I pass it in the rain, it always looks rather smug, but when the Sun shines, it either isn't there or looks highly unimpressed. It is a house cat. Sadly since Barnet Council removed the speed humps in Millway, the road cats have all gone to the big cattery in the sky, as idiots in high powered cars cut through our road to the A41 at Apex Corner.

The cat shares its space with a couple of young ladies, who seem to be working from home on computers, which is why I haven't photographed it. One day, if I can snap it when they aren't around, I will.

There has been much talk of cats in Lockdown and how they are confused by the intrusion into their personal time. We have dogs, they have a different mindset, they enjoy company. For a dog, a simple toy and two minutes of your time is bliss. Dogs never greet you with a sarcastic sneer on arrival, or pee in your shoe for the hell of it. But moggies do have personality and character in abundance. I’ve owned both, loved them all.

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