Sunday, 3 May 2020

The Tweets of The Week in the London Borough of Barnet 03/05/2020

There are good weeks for tweets locally and there are bad weeks. One may think that with a #Lockdown, this would be an awful week. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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1. Firstly a big thanks from everyone to all who are doing their bit. Big thumbs up to the @dayoftheRaj for keeping our NHS workers fed

2. If you want to get a mention here, find a clip like this. Great stuff. Love the ads on the hoarding!

3. Aliens have come to Edgware! Surely that is big news!

4. Lest we forget....

5. I hope we see many more like this in the coming week, get sharing your family VE Day pictures

6. A long standing record was broken last year, as detailed here!

7. I love snippets of information like this, hope you do to

8. Love this tweet from one of our regulars!

9. If you read Richard Wilkinsons Mill Hill Quiz answers yesterday, you will recognise this name! Nice tweet!

10. The day Albert Lee came to Mill Hill to make music!

That's all folks

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