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The Mill Hill and Surrounding Areas quiz no 3

The two previous quizzes that we've put together have been very popular, so I've decided to put a third one together.

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This quiz takes in the surrounding areas which those of us who like a good walk may see. It is also a collaboration with two of my friends, Chris Fanning, who has provided an amazing local history round. Chris grew up in Mill Hill in the 1950's and 60's and his family ran a local building firm.  We also nagged an old friend of ours for a sports round. This is from a character readers of this blog will know well, Richard Wilkinson, who has provided the sports round. I have provided the picture round.Ten questions in each round, see how you do.  As with the previous quizzes, we will release the answers on Saturday. Please feel free to share.

Chris Fannings local history round.

1. Where was the plane crash in Mill Hill and what aircraft was it?

2. John Laing set up head office in Mill Hill and started constructing houses  in the towns around but where did he build his large housing estate in Mill Hill which was already quite well developed town.

3. What year was the original Sacred Heart Mill Hill Catholic Church built by the Priest Architect Benedict Williamson?

4. Where was Nell Gwynne rumoured to be associated with a fine house built in Mill Hill?

5. When the railway came to Mill Hill, the building of houses In the village started very slowly but where were the first houses built Just after the railway came?

6. What was the main produce grown on farmland in Mill Hill when the Midland Railway was built?

7. Bill Fraser the actor was often  seen on the Broadway but his famous T.V. partner also lived in a Mill Hill, where was that and who was he?

8. The Mathews Family were owners of the Forge in Lawrence Street and when The last blacksmith, Mr Mathews died he was buried in St Paul’s cemetery, what is placed on his grave?

9. What year was there a railway crash in Mill Hill Station?

10. What does the granite obelisk in Mill Hill park commemorate?

Richard Wilkinsons Sports Round

11. Which premier league team formerly trained on Pursley Road Playing fields?
12. What was the name of the swimmer who won two gold medals in 2002 Commonwealth Games and what was their connection with Mill Hill.

13. What was the name of the holder of the 10,000 metres long distance running record between 1973 and 1977 and what was their association with Mill Hill.

14. Which test match playing nation once played a friendly cricket match against Hendon and Edgware Cricket club in Mill Hill Park.

15. Which two men who have held the Formula One racing championship lived in the same house in Mill Hill? 

16. It is well known that Saracens RFC play at Copthall (or Allianz Park), but what were the first professional Rugby team to play their matches at Copthall Stadium.

17. How many league football grounds can you get a direct train from Mill Hill Broadway Railway station to the nearest rail station and a bonus point if you can name them all. 

18. The North London Half marathon was run for a couple of years between Saracens Stadium and what other major sports stadium.

19. Which Snooker world Champion has his picture hanging on the wall of the Mill Hill Services club, pictured after giving a snooker exhibition?
20. What was the name of the Sports shop that was based on Mill Hill Broadway for many years?

Rog T's picture round.
21. What is this and where is it?

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 22. What type of bird are these rather fine examples, spotted today

23. What bus route did the 302 replace,that formerly ran to Mill Hill? An extra point for the final destination.

24. What year was this picture taken and what had happened the night before?

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25.  This building bears the name of one of the traditional Mill Hill farming families, a name borne by several roads locally, what is it?

26. What does this picture signify, in the words of the title song for a famous 1970's childrens show on ITV

27. The tweet below shows a picture of the worlds fastest non electric train passing through Mill Hill. What was it called.

28. Where in Mill Hill was this picture taken?

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29. Where in Mill Hill was this picture taken?

30. And finally....... I finish with a nice photo from my friend Mark Amies. When this was first built, it was a petrol station. It had a large sign that it was your last chance to do what?

Don't forget to check back here on Saturday for the answers.


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Helen D Vecht said...

Question 23: The number 52 bus, with which the 302 overlaps between Willesden and Kensal Rise. 52 terminates at Victoria now. Perhaps it ventured to Wandsworth in days of yore...