Sunday, 17 May 2020

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 17/5/2020

Every week the Barnet Eye puts a collection together of the most interesting tweets from around our Borough, we try and steer clear or politics and infighting. It's all about good people doing good things in our community and trying to give a flavour of the place we call home. We like to celebrate the good things, thank the people who do great things and bring you those quirky little things that make the day fun.

So what have you been doing this week? Working from home? Baking cakes? Delivering food parcels?

Well this is what our amazing army of local tweeters have been doing. It seems that there are no idle hands for the Devil to make work for in our tweeting community!

Make sure you follow any Tweeters who tickle your fancy.

1. Lets start with some rather upsetting news, from the local guardian of our pub culture. This is very disappointing. We really need to up our game in fighting these applications.

2. Hal Cruttenden wins our Person of the week on Twitter award for this. You know what you have to do

3. We should remember the Fire Brigade in our clapping for public sector workers. Brave people keeping us safe 24/7 - in this case in Edgware

4. Live in Cricklewood? Fancy a career change? Get to play trains all day with big trains. Solid prospects.

5. Read any decent books during lockdown? Why not write a review?

6. For all you footie fans out there. Tragic that so many grassroots community grounds have been bulldozed

7. Some very big news in Mill Hill. The monstrosity that was the Pentavia Scheme has been scrapped

8. Great to see the community coming together!

9. Regulars know we love a good wildlife tweet!

10. Interesting note on the musical history of Mill Hill for all of you hardcore metal fans!

That's all folks!

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