Sunday 4 October 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 04/10/2020

 The topic of the day seems to be rain. So it is only right and proper that we feature a few wet and wild tweets. As to the rest? Enjoy.....

1. First of all, there is an actual local flood alert warning. Twitter is a useful tool, so make sure you follow these useful accounts

2. A nice series of flood related pictures of Mill Hill and Edgware here from one of our favourite accounts

3. Ourfavourite local football team, Barnets oldest club, had their match postponed yesterday due to flooding

4. Did you know that the Stylophone was made in Cricklewood? You do now!

5. Nice pic of a Sedge Warbler in the Totteridge Valley from one of our fave local tweeters

6. I knew several Mike's in NW7 who were punks, but suspect the picture photographed was not the Mike in question. I was more intrigued by the CHAOS tag. Chaos were a band from St Albans that featured minor punk legend Abo. The False Dots were also called Chaos, until we realised that there were about 20 other bands with the same name.

7. I rarely cover serious news stories in this section, but this one does warrent it

8. Oh dear....

9. I saw Star Wars here. This tweet made me all nostalgic. Does anyone remember the rumour that Toyah Wilcox was going to buy it and turn it into a boutique horror theatre?

10. If you do nothing else musical this week, check these guys out. This fella can sing!

That's all folks.....

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