Wednesday 28 October 2020

Two days to save the Totteridge Valley - Please watch this video and make an objection

There is a planning proposal to destroy huge swathes of Green Belt land in Mill Hill. Please watch this video by Samuel Levy and if you feel that this is important, click here and lodge an objection to this proposal.

Objections have to be in by the 30th October


 You can follow Samuel on Twitter at - - If you want to learn more about why we are supporting Samuel, please read this blog


Unknown said...

thats terrible i am born and breed in mill hill had lovely times walking up to tottaridge long ponds from the ridgeway sadly this is happening all over the country large companys seem to be able to get permision to do what they like the powers that be will only wake up to the distruction they cause when its to late


BUILD,BUILD,BUILD...You voted them in!

Rog T said...

Actually I didn’t, I stood against them