Sunday, 25 October 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 25 October 2020

 As ever, we have a tasty and delectable selection of goodies from the esteemed tweeters living in the London Borough of Barnet. We do hope you enjoy the rather interesting content that these truly marvellous peep's have tweeted.

1. We started this feature to help the local community and that is exactly how we will start this installment. Can you help?

2. Can you help Ian solve the puzzle of the Tone Bender of Edgware?

3. A much loved character has left West Hendon, we wish her well. A stalwart of the campaign to save The Midland hotel

4. Ever wondered why your Thameslink Train was terminated at Mill Hill for a problem south of the river, thanks to Paul Barber for the explanation

5. Want a copy of Black History month magazine for free?

6. Don't mess with the security team at the Mitre if you know what's good for you! But if you play the game they will make you most welcome!

7. Samuel is a friend of the this blog and we support his campaign

8. A magnificent gesture of local community leadership

9. This is a fascinating Tweet. One of the few world class scientific institutes still in the Borough of Barnet following the departure of the NIMR

10. We do hope everyone is supporting the work of our local foodbank. Here is one way you can contribute

Thats all folks!

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