Friday 25 December 2020

Happy Christmas from the Barnet Eye

 Sadly this year, many of us can't be together. Many of the things we normally take for granted just can't happen. I was approached by Fr Eugene at the Sacred Heart Church in Mill Hill who asked if there was something we could do to raise the spirits of people for Xmas, as there would be none of the singing of carols which normally make masses so special.  

I worked with the amazing choir and its choir leader Clare Shah, to put together this socially distanced version of Silent night. This has been shown at all Xmas masses. I just hope that it raised a few spirits. 

If you know the Sacred Heart Church in Mill Hill, I hope you will enjoy the views of the church, if you just like listening to carols, this is a lovely version.


You can watch masses live streamed from the Sacred Heart at their Youtube Channel. One of the good things about having a music studio is that, even in these difficult times, we can put a smile on people's faces. 

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