Saturday 19 December 2020

The Saturday List #288 - My Top Ten Highlights of 2020

 You might be thinking "What possible highlights could there be?". Initially I thought so myself. Then I reviewed my Insta feed and you know what, there have been a few. Until March, it was actually an OK year and after that it had its moments. You know what. I'm blessed. I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world, who puts up with me. My kids are healthy and the business is surviving. I still play football, I even scored a hat trick on Thursday.  So here is the impossible list. The glass is half full!

1. The year started well, with the Punk festival at the 100 club. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Boys

2. Also in January we saw the legendary Judy Collins at The Union Chapel. She was rather good

3. Also in January, we had a trip to The Etihad to see City despatch local rivals United in the League Cup. Most enjoyable!

4. In February, we had fun on the London International Ska Fest Cruise up the River Thames. That is always a fun night out

5. On to March, there was a storm brewing but we were blissfully unaware as we went to Wembley and saw City lift the League Cup

6. The last hurrah before Lockdown was the St Patricks night Party at The Mill Hill Services club

7. In September we had a family break in West Wittering. It was amazing

8. And we also made it to Madeira, which was a blast!

9. Last Saturday we took the Midland Pullman from St Pancras to St Albans, via Manchester, which was a whole lot of fun!

10. And finally, I think this is the year I've really learned to appreciate how lucky I am to live in Mill Hill, with its natural beauty and open spaces, which saved my sanity

That's all folks

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