Sunday, 6 December 2020

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 5/12/2020

To quote Moby Grape, from back in 1969 " I love hearing people say, it's a beautiful day today".  Yestrday was truly a beautiful day, especially in the morning. I enjoyed my first post lockdown Saturday immensly. I was back at my favourite local football team, enjoying the sunshine, then the cold glare of the floodlights. But what have otehr tweeters of the London Borough of Barnet been up to?

All is revealed here, in our round up of the very best tweeters in our local Borough.

< 1. I thought we'd start with a Christmans connection! I think everyone in Mill Hill has a soft spot for St Joseph and his college. For those that dodn't know he is the only Christian Saint who was never a Christian (for those unfamiliar with the biblical story, he's the stepdad of Jesus and a carpenter by trade). He's also the patron saint of workers. This is one of the finest pictures of the building, glorious light

2. Fancy helping restore the Burnt Oak Brook? Doing work for the community is a great way to spend the day

3. Regulars will know we love a good map and a good query. I was intrigued, did Herts try and invade Southgate back in the day?

4.If there's one thing I like more than a a good map and that's a tasty menu. It seems that the pupils at Mill Hill School were rather well fed back in the day! I'm quite tempted to serve this up for dinner tonight, sounds delicious. I foolishly believed that the poor souls were fed on gruel and tripe back in 1920, how wrong could I be?

5. This is deffo my van of the week. Brilliant!

6. A local retired milkman was reaquainted with his round this week> ITV News featured the story, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

7. The Kingfisher is one of my favourite native birds. I always think it looks impossibly sophisticated for our could climate. Thanks to our unofficial wildlife correspondent Samuel Levy for this amazing picture.

8. As mentioned earlier, we were at Hadley FC on Brickfield Lane for the FA Vase. It was a great perrformance.

9. Mill Hill Wines have been recognising community heroes in a rather fitting way, with a bottle of the finest plonk! Well done to all!

10. Don't forget, your local small business is for life, not just for small business Saturday!

That's all till next week folks! Have a truly fine week. Here is my fave tune right now to entertain you, what is yours?

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