Friday 4 December 2020

The Friday joke - 3/12/2020 - a cheesy tale

There was a recent rush of panic buying of hard cheeses after an announcemnt that the chemical composition of hard cheese effectively prevents covid infections. In one cheese shop, there was a mini riot and the shop ended up looking like an Earthquake had hit it. All that was  left was de brie.

As tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, we thought cheese was an appropriate topic. Back in 2010, when my local Conservative MP Matthew Offord was running for office, he famously told locals "I want to make Mill Hill Broadway the type of High Street where people want to start new businesses. I want it to be the kind of place where people would open a cheese shop". Sadly we are still waiting for our cheese shop. Much as I have teased Matthew about this, I would love to see a cheese shop on the Broadway!

Have a great weekend, don't forget that tomorrow is small business Saturday, so please support your local businesses.

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