Sunday 3 January 2021

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 3rd January 2020

 So it's finally here. The Sun is shining. As it's the new year and I often get asked how I select these tweets, I thought I'd recap on the rules and the process. Firstly, as it's Sunday, the idea of the selection is to be a chilled and fun selection, we do the serious stuff during the rest of the week.  As the week goes on, I keep a note of all of the tweets which I found funny, made me laugh, made me cry, had some interesting historical data, have details of a local event or have some other local contents or link of interest. Before I collate the list, I then do a trawl throug of all the neighbourhoods, looking for other interesting tweets. Often people tag me or ping me to alert me to good stuff, which I also keep an eye on. I then pick the best ten. I try and get a mix, of events, history, pictures, local nature. If I've got too many I tend to give preference to new tweeter's I've not seen, if the sack is empty, I have a few trusty favourites.

I don't ever pick the following sort of stuff, as I find them boring beyond comprehension.

* Daily Mail retweets

* Conspiracy theories (unless there is a genuinely amusing local angle such as a UFO in Mill Hill Park)

* Posts from troll accounts

* Badly framed pictures that are local but have no artistic or informative value

* Tweets about Brexit (unless there is a direct local angle and the tweet is interesting enough to justify it)

* Tweets that overuse emoji's (they are irritating and people who overuse them are invariably dullards)

* Blatant politics, especially groups of people with 'Vote for Norman' style placards

* Bigotry, homophobia, sexism, racism or any other form of bullying or intimidation

* Activities and tweets from people who remind me of Jimmy Savile, if you know what I mean

Please note I will occasionally pick tweets from local councillors or politicians if they are doing a genuinely community activity that is not blatent electioneering.

So now you know the rules, here is our first selection from 2021 and damn fine it is too, even if I picked them myself.

1. We start with an absolutely amazing thread. This is one of those that I just happen upon doing my trawl of the neighbourhoods. I strongly advise you to check the whole thread. Be warned, we will be coming back to this on the blog

2. Another new account for us, with some great info about a Cricklewood street to set us on our way

3. This account may be in Staffordshire, but the subject is in Cricklewood and is the most glorious clip I've seen for a while. Yet another amazing tweet that needs further research. Happy new year to all our friends in Staffordshire, that's where my maternal Grandma came from, so I've always had a soft spot for the county

4. And on to one of our regulars, Mr Mark Amies, with a super tweet about the former rail depot in Montrose Park

5. I've always had a soft spot for the Belarus Church in Finchley. I have fond memories of attending my sisters wedding at the Orthodox Cathedral in Minsk in 1990. The people of Belarus have a soft spot in my heart, the KGB even mistook me for a "Beolarussian peasant drunk" on a train from Minsk to Vilnius once. Quite handy really, as I had no visa to travel. Lucky I'm a good actor!

6. As you know, we love live music, we love Stephens house and so how could we ignore this!

7. Being in Tier 4 there isn't too much going on, so make sure you support the stuff that is!

8. A local Mill Hill lad has been doing rather well in the Darts. His talents were refined at the Mill Hill Services club with Colin the Postman! Great stuff


9. Dr Julia Hines is a great friend of this blog, an esteemed guest blogger. We are pleased to see her mum has been given the vaccine. Whilst we are not the Brains of Britain here, Julia is rather clever and knows about this stuff. If she's letting her mum take the vaccine, then believe me, it is safe. I've alwasy found that listening to people who are clever and know what they are talking about saves a lot of bother, which is why I value Julia as a friend


10. Where else indeed????



That's all folks. Have a great week!


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