Sunday 24 January 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 24 Jan 2021

 Lockdown goes on. For many, the snow has provided some light relief to the monotony. There have been some great snow pics and some nice tweets elsewhere earlier in the week.  Here is our pick

1. We rather liked this one. Has Dr Who been transformed into an Ice Warrior? (One for the Tom Baker era fans!)

2. St Marys in Finchley looking good in the snow

3. This is an excellent picture

4. Our historical tweet of the week, recalling a disaster in Burnt Oak

5. A big thank you to all those key workers, for whom the snow was not a day of fun.

6. As ever, we can rely on Donald Lyven and Samuel Levy to give us some amazing pictures of our local wildlife. These two guys are amazing tweeters.

7. Another great tweeter is @Time_NW, with some great footage here of Minder at Brent Cross, back in the old days of analogue!

8. For many of us, this brings back great memories!

9. Congratulations to Elai, a star of the future! It is great to see such talented young musicians

10. Talking of great musicans, one of our faves! We predict great things for Natalie

That's all folks

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