Sunday 10 January 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 10/1/2021

It has been a hard week for us citizens of the Borough of Barnet. A new lockdown, freezing cold weather, atrocious happenings in the USA, inspired by a discredited President who has shown that he cares for nothing but his own vanity. For me the situation was rammed home to learn that my beloved cousin Tessie, who is six months younger than me, has covid and is in intensive care in the Royal Free. This is not one of my tweet picks, but I am overwhelmed by the kindness of all those of you who responded both privately and publicly to this tweet. I just wanted to say thank you before I started with the selection this week

And so on to our selection. Despite the gloom, there have been some rather nice tweets. Thanks to all of you who work so hard to keep our spirits up by posting such great Tweets. I hope these brighten up your Sunday. 

1. There really could only be one place to start this week. Mark Amies, on his @time_NW account, has published some amazing clips taken from the iconic series Budgie, filmed in Mill Hill. It was great to see footage of the Broadway. I remember seeing this being filmed as I returned from St Vincents school as an 8 year old. It was very exciting. I loved seeing the front of the New China Garden restaurant, which I loved as a kid. This morphed into The Moon House, then Hee's takeaway, and is now a (closed) spa

2. A double dose from two of our best loved local accounts. A nice pic from our unofficial local nature corresepondent Samuel Levy and some great pre murmation action in Burnt Oak from Donald Lyven. Nice work chaps!

3.  Barnet has a new blogger, who tells how he got into music.

4. These guys do great work. If you have anything to spare, please consider a donation. My wifes mothers best friend was cared for by them in her final days and I cannot praise them highly enough

5. An interesting tweet from the the Mill Hill historical society. A rather interesting gravestond in St Mary's cemetery

6. Some nice tweets from Eva Cohen, taken on High St Mill Hill, outside the former Cook's store

7. It is only right and proper that we mourn the passing of Dame Barbara Windsor, long time resident of the Borough and a hero to us all, buried in Golders Green. An icon. RIP Barbara

8. Some nice pictures of a rather picturesque looking Mill Hill in the winter sunshine, from our friends at A Better Mill Hill

9. You can see what is possibly Londons oldest tree in Totterige. Thanks to @Kekhmet

10. We like this. Contrasting views from Victoria Park, from the rather marvellous Barnet Society

Please have a safe, peaceful and fulfilling week. 

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