Thursday, 1 April 2021

Announcement - The Barnet Eye to open community venue in Mill Hill Broadway

*** Updated 12.00 ***

Well many of you guessed. This was this years April Fool joke.

However what many of you won't have twigged was that whilst it was a joke that we had completed on a property, the proposal was not a joke. I was working with various partners to develop this and we were seriously looking at properties in Mill Hill Broadway. The Barnet Eye was not part of the branding. As the scale of the pandemic became clear, we put the plans on ice. Sadly, I suspect that this is where they will stay for a while. When we originally proposed this, the idea was that we'd offer local residents a share and crowd fund the venture locally, with a couple of name investors buying into it. I think the proposal was brilliant, but like many things covid got in the way.



 We are delighted to announce that we have completed the signing of papers to secure the lease of a retail unit on Mill Hill Broadway, to be used as a pub, community hub, internet cafe and music venue. This has only been possible with support of a well known celebrity chef, a very famous musician and an amazing former premiership footballer. 

Discussions have been ongoing for some time. Although we cannot say too much more at this time as several minor details have to be ironed out, I am sure that most regular readers will easily guess the identity of these people. The plan is quite simple. During the day, the venue will operate as an internet cafe, offering space for those who do not want to commute to the office, but do not have a suitable space to work at home. Fully secure wifi facilities will be available. A full range of coffee, tea and snacks will be  available and the venue will work with a local college to provide work experience facilities for local students from low income families. 

At 6pm, the cafe will shut and reopen at 7pm as a diner/brasserie bar, serving gastro food, fine wine and craft beers. There will be live music on a Friday and Saturday night and a Jazz lunch on a Sunday.

On a Monday night we will have a board game night, with a fixed price mennue of £12 for a Sandwich, a bowl of chips  and a beer or glass of wine. Board games such as monoppoly/cluedo/Risk etc will be available. Groups of friends can book tables and single players can team up using our new "find a table" app. 

On the first Tuesday of each month, we will have our sports dinner night. We will have a different guest from the world of sport and after dinner you will be entertained with tales from their careers. Most will be famous footballers and cricketers from the 1970's and 80's, the days before Footballers earned millions. The menu  will be a fixed price offering

On the second Tuesday of the month, we will have musicians of note speaking after dinner about their career and giving short performances.

We are currently exploring other themes for the rest of the week.

All menus will be designed by our amazing celebrity chef.

We will be making further announcements once we have finalised the details. 

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TONY said...

I've got some perfect Rainbow paint you can use to show solidarity to the LBGT+ community.