Sunday, 11 April 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 11/04/2021

 Are you looking forward to the grand reopening of pubs tomorrow* (* conditions may apply)? Personally, I might just have a quiet night in. Can't have too much excitment! As we await this big moment, you may ask what our wonderful Tweeters have been up to. Wonder no more. There has been some excellent Tweeting this week! Luckily in the Borough of Barnet, whilst we do get the odd outbreak of whelk brained nonsense of Twitter, most of what I see is top notch!

1. We start with one of our top local heroes getting some of the recognition they thoroughly deserve. Congratulations to Romel and the team!

2. Onto another one of our community favourites, Mr Mark Amies, BBC London's Industrial Heritage contributor and local pub Champion, with an update on the campaign to save the Railway Hotel in Edgware

3. This is an absolutely wonderful tweet from our unofficial local wildlife correspondent. I've walked the Valley many times and never seen one!

4. And another great sunset picture from Mark Warren at the @InsideMillHill account

5. Fancy watching our local team in action in the FA Vase next Saturday. This should be a great game

6. And whilst we are doing football, a nice tribute to HRH Prince Phillip RIP from the boys at @EdgwareTownFc

7. A great picture from one of our finest local singers

8. Hat's off to these amazing local citizens

9. St Pauls are just one of dozens of local churches, synagogues, mosques and other community groups doing great work. A big thank you to all of them

10. Nice to see our friends at Mill Hill Golf club swanning around again!

That's all folks!

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