Sunday, 4 April 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 04/04/2021

 It's Easter Sunday and the Sun is shining. You can meet five of your friends in your garden if you have one or in the park if you don't. Things are getting better. We've only seen one person pass away from Covid in the Borough of Barnet in the last week, which although very sad is a lot better than the numbers we were seeing previously. Here is our weekly snapshot of how are local Tweeters are seeing the situation

1. Ever wondered what sort of a traffic jam the container ship stranded this week in the Suez would cause on the Watling, Burnt Oak. I am forever endebted to Pete Scully for this tweet. The most magnificently bonkers tweet for a long time

2. If you haven't signed and shared this petition, please do. Don't leave all the work protecting our precious community assets to someone else.

3. Great news, our local grassroots football teams are back in training. We can't wait for them to open the turnstiles

4. Great to see the local community in action in Cricklewood

5. A big shout out to the Friends of The Silk Stream for their efforts cleaning up this valuable wildlife resource. Please be considerate and don't treat it as a tip

6. Some genuinely happy news. Congratulations to Agnes

7. Congratulations to our local Police, reuniting a lost doggy with a very happy owner!

8. There have been some truly massive works on the Railway at Cricklewood this weekend

9. A lovely picture of Heybourne Park at Dusk

10. One of our best local singers has been making a splash!

That's all folks.

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