Wednesday 14 April 2021

They don't call me mystic Rog for nothing! I was right about the Vaccine, right about Sadiq Khan, will I be right about Edgware

Regular readers will remember that back at the start of the year, I made a set of predictions, month on month for the UK. I thought I'd take this opportunity to remind you all of a couple of the predictions I made for April. 
April The end of the pandemic is in sight. All of the vulnerable people in the UK have been innoculated. All of the key workers and schools, offices and public transport are declared safe to use. However the number of people commuting has declined. The London Mayoral Election looms amid total apathy. No one has any enthusiasm for Sadiq Khan and they have even less for Shaun Bailey.
The success of the vaccine program was far from certain back in January. I am very impressed with myself for getting that one spot on. As to the apathy about the London Mayoral election, even I am bemused at how the Conservative Party have simply given up on London. 

I also predicted
A Barnet Council by election in Edgware, formerly a safe Tory seat becomes interesting, as the decline of Edgware becomes a key factor. The rampant unpopularity of the Tory government looks set to deliver a massive upset.
At the time I didn't know that I would have the privelige of becoming the Lib Dem candidate. In truth, I've not made a great start. I damaged my knee in March, so have not been able to do the canvassing I had hoped, as I believe it is vital to talk to electors. However, following some fairly intense physio, I'm hoping to get the all clear on Friday. I have been having a few doorstep chats with local influencers and I've been amazed at the positive response. I am not going to make any predictions, but I am absolutely delighted that the message is resonating. People get the fact that Edgware has been neglected. 

The film I made with local historian Mark Amies in January 2020 has now received just shy of 5,000 viewings on Youtube. These are genuine views, where people have clicked and watched the film, unlike some of the dodgy stats some local commentators claim! Many people are mentioning it. I will be making a follow up at the weekend, all being good.  

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