Sunday 25 April 2021

The Tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 25 April 2021

 How has your week been? What a week it's been. When I wrote this column last week, little did I suspect that we'd see the birth and death of the European Super League, the sacking of Jose Mourinho from Spurs, joint protests on the streets of North London with Spurs and Arsenal fans joining together against their club owners. I didn't suspect that the Sundays would be full of Dominic Cummings turning on Boris and I most certainly didn't expect that people would be stupid enough to equate covid passports to the holocaust, which is the current thing trending on Twitter. It just goes to show that a week is a lot longer period than we sometimes think. 

But with all that excitement, what has been tickling the fancy of our wonderful local army of Tweeters?

1. Lets start with Mark Amies petition to Save the Railway Hotel. That is now up to 690 signatures as I write this. The campaign is continuing to build. Several people raised the matter with me when I was out and about in Edgware.

2. And on the subject of local pubs, it seems there is some good news.

3. Our local wildlife correspondent Samuel Levy has been on fire recently with some amazing wildlife tweets. This week is no exception. The secret to getting picked here is to post amazing tweets and I have to say this is one of Samuel's very best

4. Looking for something to do for our amazing community today?

5. Just in case you didn't know. I don't normally use this to self promote, but your truly is the Candidate for the Lib Dems in Edgware.

6. The season is finally over for Hadley FC after losing on penalties to Binfield. A great run and a tad unlucky. Hats off to Hadley for making one young man's day

7. If you've been wondering how progress is going with the new Brent Cross West Thameslink Station, here is the latest update

8. Robin Moss rather likes wandering around taking pictures of rather lovely places such as Friary Park, we are rather pleased that he does.

9. Remember indeed!

10. Rock and Roll Music from Planet Mill Hill!

That's all folks

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