Tuesday 1 February 2022

I've given up on @BBCRadioLondon

Dear   it used to be that we'd get a good dose of news with @VanessaOnAir
  until 10am, then   and  would cheer us up and remind us of all that was good in the world.  did a fine job on drivetime with a news slot which is his forteThe changes you have designed have made the station non stop doom and gloom until 2pm. Put @EddieNestorMBE  back where he belongs and give us some sort of break from this misery. 

London is an amazing city, we need some focus on the positive and the culture of London during the day. I wish to make it 100% clear that this is not a rant about @EddieNestorMBE and   who are brilliant presenters. It is just that the whole tone of this is wrong. If I wanted this I'd listen to   on @LBC who does an amazing job. @BBCRadioLondon is not that station. And as for your playlist, both @EddieNestorMBE and @jumokefashola are grown ups who know their onions when it comes to music. I find it quite insulting that you don't trust them to pick their own music. I give up. When I heard the dulcet tones of @BorisJohnson on @BBCRadioLondon I gave up. Now listening to my Wire Pop songs playlist to restore my sanity

 London needs a proper station that covers it's culture, music and arts. Pretty much like what Robert does. I will still listen to his weekend shows, as well as David and Carrie Grant, but I'm sorry, I've tried my hardest and the midweek shows simply just doesn't work for us anymore. We've always listened to the morning show in the studio reception and I can't inflict this on my staff and customers anymore.

With Robert, there would be some decent tunes and some great info about what was happening in London. I tried my hardest, but it just doesn't work.  Yesterday Vanessa's show discussed ghosting. I thought I'd do the station the courtesy of an explanation. In case you didn't know Sara David is the boss at the BBC who designed the new schedule.

I'll end, with what seems and appropriate quote from Too Late by Wire.

"Is it too late to change up my mind?
Pisses icy water on poetic mornings
Got to be cruel to be kind
Is this real life, is it for life?
Can I change up my mind?"


Toni-Louise Dillon said...

Totally agree with you on this, Roger...

Unknown said...

You are spot-on
I have listened to Robert for over 20 years and he is a gem. Just because he is white doesn't mean he doesn't get diversity. His music, guests, experience and love for London in all its diverse glory is second to none. Diversity is far deeper than the colour of skin of the presenter. It is hiw whoever it is represents and understands the community. Robert gets it.
I also miss the fun and gentle craziness of the wonderful Jo Goode. Afternoons on BBC radio London used to be a fun, informative escape. Now Eddie's show is a copy of Vanessa's (I like Eddie but he is best in drivetime). Again Jemoke is a good presenter but is miscast in this slot.
Sadly I only listen to BBC radio London when Robert is on at the weekends, but with a young family I am often too busy. I have occasionally listened to Jo's new show but it doesn't fit with me time wise unless I am driving late night with work. Sad loss for London