Sunday 13 February 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 13th February 2022

 It must be something in the air. This week has seen the very best of Twitter in the Borough of Barnet. The last few weeks have seen some amazing tweeting both by our regulars and by accounts new to me. To be a successful tweeter, to my mind, means posting interesting content. I hope you'll agree some of this weeks contributions are spectacular! I'd suggest that you have a look through the time lines of these wonderful accounts. I've followed four new accounts today, which may be a record for this feature!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting this together. As for my week? Been a bit quiet. Everyone in the house apart from me is isolating. I've tested negative thus far, but I cancelled a couple of arrangements just to be on the safe side. The highlight was Echo and the Bunnymen at the Roundhouse on Monday, then all down hill from there!

1. I'll start with this brilliant thread from @Time_NW, with a fantastic contribution from the rather wonderful @IanMcGreevy on the subject of the Old Welsh Harp pub, demolished in 1971, the site of which is a sliproad to the Edgware road at Staples Corner

2. A new account for me. This is wonderful.

3. Another rather wonderful new account for me. A wonderful picture from one of the hidden gems of Edgware, that I'd guess 99% of locals are unaware of

4. I've always said that if you want to get a tweet in here, feature some local music history! Remember Eater well, local heroes. Another new tweeter

5. This is wonderful. I was an alter boy at The Sacred Heart at the time of the Jubilee. I've got a copy of that programme somewhere. I especially love the old adverts. I remember Letts well and Derek Tyne (who featured in Richard Wilkinsons list of top Mill Hillians) who owned Mill Hill Television was a mate of my Dad's. I decorated his house when I left school. 

6. This next post, by one of our fave regulars is an excellent example of how to use Twitter for good. Check the replies

7. Did you know London's first nightbus ran from Cricklewood to Liverpool St? You do now, thanks to @Historygirl

8. This is another new 'stumble across' that I found putting this together. I'd strongly recommend checking Gordons tweets, they are amazing.

9. I went to school in Finchley, and attended my sisters wedding in Minsk but had never heard of the Belarus library until I saw this

10. And finally, a date for your diary. This should be good!

That's all folks apart from a little plug for a video by my Band, The False Dots, which I think contains some excellent footage of Mill Hill in the early 1970's even if I say so myself.

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