Wednesday, 23 February 2022

The Wednesday Poem - Don't Blame Me!

Don't Blame Me

Don't blame me when you're firm goes bust,
Don't blame me when dreams turn to dust,
Don't blame me when savings disappear,
Don't blame me you can't afford a beer,

Don't blame me when your kids blame you,
Don't blame me when your bank forcloses too,
Don't blame me when the world erupts in war,
Don't blame me they're knocking on your door!

I did my best to try and make sure,
You don't believe those leaflets they put through your door,
I wrote six million words, telling you in this blog, 
So don't you dare say it's all your fault Rog!

Copyright 2019 Roger Tichborne

I've not posted a Wednesday Poem for a while. I lost my poetry mojo back in March 2020 when the pandemic started. I was looking through some old Wednesday Poems. I came across this one, which I rather like. We have council elections in May. This blog has chrinicled the decline of the London Borough of Barnet under various Tory regimes. In that time we've seen various Leaders such as Mike Freer, Lynne Hillan RIP, Richard Cornelius and now Daniel Thomas. In my humble opinion, Richard Cornelius was the cleverest, Dan Thomas is the thickest and Mike Freer was the slipperiest. Poor Old Dan needs to employ an officer to read the local blogs to him, as he admitted yesterday. Mike Freer would hold "Meet The Leader" sessions so he could ignore me to my face. Richard Cornelius went so far as to get the Barnet Alliance For Public Services to arrange a "Meet the Leader" session for him, so he could enjoy the company of assorted Leftists and bloggers. He confessed to me that he thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadly Thomas is made of far less stern stuff. I suspect he's only really comfortable on home turf, where he has a tame audience. Richard Cornelius won the Tories the biggest victory in Council Elections for a generation. His reward? They dumped him and replaced him with Thomas. It will be interesting to see if the Tories get the reward they deserve for this. Either way, don't blame me!

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