Sunday 20 February 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 20th February 2022

 Sunday has come around rather quickly. I've had a mad week. I had three gigs in three days. Thursday was a rather good tribute to Stevie Wonder at Crazy Coqs, Friday was the very excellent Brit Funk Association at the 100 Club (a real toe tapping evening) and last night was the Silencerz at the Bull Arts Centre in Barnet, a great evening. On top of that I went to Wealdstone FC v Wrexham yesterday. Wealdstone are based in Ruislip. I was delighted to find this just around the corner from the ground. I really miss the one in Mill Hill!

That's enough of my week, how was your week? This is what the local tweeters have been up to, for your delectation

1. If you care about your community and our local waterways, here's a date for your diary - 26th February - click the link for more details

2. Another date for your diary in Cricklewood this time

3. I could have filled the item up with storm shots and damage. This was one of the reasons Thameslink was disrupted

4. And on the subject of the storm, some sad news

5. I used to work just around the corner from that. Nice tweeting from a new (to us) account

6. This post is of special interest to me, as my Dad flew Wellington bombers for 40 squadron during wW2, I miss seing the old bord when I visit

7. What is not to love about this tweet. Barnet FC in their rightful home at Underhill and legend Jimmy Greaves wearing the shirt

8. We are all members of the Dr Julia Hines fan club here. Like Calvin, I consider myself priveliged to call Julia a friend

9. Whatever your political persuasion, I do hope you agree that this is not good enough. It's shabby and horrible.

10. And finally, the happiest tweet of the week, I hope it makes you smile as much as it made me smile!

That's all folks!

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