Sunday, 27 February 2022

The tweets of the week in the Borough of Barnet - 27th February 2022

 It has been an appalling week. Possibly the worst since I started writing this blog. I try and keep this feature light hearted and agonised over the content this week. Sometimes we need reminding of the good things in the world.

1 For me, this tweet ticks all of the boxes. Wonderful tweeting

2. As ever we support Mark Amies and his campaign to Save The Railway Hotel in Edgware

3. A nice bit of Cricklewood history from one of London's finest bloggers

4. I wish I'd been old enough to go to see dog racing at Hendon dogtrack. It holds far more fascination than Brent Cross shopping centre ever has, for me personally

5. A new account for this feature. I love this picture

6. Another new account to us. I am intrigued by this tweet

7. I was gutted that I couldn't make it to watch the finest team in the Borough of Barnet yesterday, was at a friends daughters Baptism. Luckily, I kept in touch via Twitter. Here was the pick of the goals. Well done to Hadley on another superb 3-1 victory

8. And great to see Blakeys Patio open at our favourite Rugby club

9. Looks like our friends at A Better Mill Hill are thirsty and a tad disappointed!

10. Amusing tales of studio booking cancellations

Lets hope and pray that next week is a better week than last week.

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