Friday 18 March 2022

Barnet Council website is not working - another Capita failure

 IF you need to do anything on the Barnet Council website today, which involves entering a postcode, you will be out of luck. Their website is unable to process postcodes. Needless to say, this means that the switchboard is probably also overloaded. Once again a system run by Capita is not working. 

I suggest that if you are trying to pay a bill, you take a screen shot of this page. If you cannot because they can't take your payment, then this may come in rather useful if they try and impose penalties or take court action. It is beyond me why Barnet Council simply can't admit that their relationship with Capita hasn't worked and has delivered appalling service to the Barnet Council taxpayer. 

Fellow blogger Mr Reasonable has exposed just how expensive this failure has been. I've almost run out of ways to describe how rubbish the whole One Barnet outsourcing project has been. Sadly Capita have not run out of ways to demonstrate that the Barnet Bloggers were right about Capita all along.

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