Wednesday 30 March 2022

A useful money saving tip for all drivers

 If you drive a car, this little tip may save you a fair few pennies. The nearest garage to me is the Esso Garage on the A41. Diesel is £1.82 a litre. My van takes 80 litres. If I shop around, the cheapest locally is Morrisons in Borehamwood, it is £1.67 there. That is 15p a litre cheaper, which translates to £12 a tank. But how do you find the cheapest fuel locally?

I use to find the best deal. You have to register, but it is free. It gives an interactive map and the cheapest local outlets and looks like this

I'm sure there are other apps, but this one works for me. If it saves you money have a tea/coffee/beer on me.  As that horrible TV advertising campaign says, every little helps

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