Sunday 27 March 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 27th March 2022

 So how has your week been? Mine has been Ok. Saw a couple of friends in town for a pleasant curry at Est India on Union St on Tuesday, five a side on Thursday was fun, nice meal in Berkehampstead with friends on Friday and saw a good second half performance yesterday at Hadley FC vs Broadfields FC in the sun. Here is the mighty Jordan Edwards scoring the third. First time I've captured a goal from open play for a tweet so most pleased.

Anyway enough of all that, what have our local tweeters been up to?

1. This is a good cause. Please support Lisa

2. What were you doing 50 years ago? If you were in Edgware, maybe you were at the Premier of the Steptoe and Son film!

3. Live in Cricklewood? Got a few old books to spare? What batter thing to do than share the love!

4. Blimey, if you thought Barnet Council now was not interested in the less well off, check out this tweet

5. Simon Atkinson posted some great pictures of the Borough this week. This may not be the prettiest, but it is probably the best one to start a conversation and I rather like it. What do you think. Check out his other work

6. A date for your diary

7. I imagine a few readers might enjoy this

8. The Venice of the North London

9. Whilst on the subject of local waterways, a celebration of the newest water feature in the Borough of Barnet

10. Some nice, moody rock and roll photography in Mill Hill

That's all folks!

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