Sunday 13 March 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 13th March 2022

 Firstly an explanation. I didn't do the feature last week as world events were overshadowing what was happening in our community and I simply didn't think I could get the right tone. Although in some ways this is still the case, we have to continue. I pray for peace in the Ukraine and I pray that no more fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters grieve on both sides. It is pretty clear to anyone who has bothered to follow the situation, that this is the work of Putin. I hope that he can find a way to step back and de-escalate. I hope we can fix our broken world. As a race, we will know we've grown up, when we don't settle disputes with guns. We are a long way away from that. But, here in the Borough of Barnet, good things have been happening. Here is my selection.

1. Our local team is in the cup final! Well done to the Hadley boys. A great day yesterday

2. Nice bit of local history here

3. An iconic moment in Cricklewood history.

4. The growing season is upon us

5. And whilst in Cricklewood

6. Fabncy some folk? A date for your diary

7. Possibly my favourite of this weeks pick. May we wish Carstner the very best of luck.

8. This is pretty wonderful as well!

9. We really would like to see our parks properly tended to

10. And finally, a shout out to these wonderful people

That's all folks.

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