Saturday 13 August 2022

The Saturday list (that isn’t a list) - My best friends


What is a friend? I was originally going to make a long list of my best friends and say why I thought they were such marvellous individuals. I realised this was a silly idea. How crass it would’ve been. How can you rank friends? How can you really say that the friend who is there and supports you in your darkest hour is really a better friend than one who couldn’t as they were on the other side of the world at the time? What I realised as I contemplated the list was just how blessed I am to have friends who step up when they see the need. Not everyone has the same talents. The friend who dries your crying eyes has a different talent to the one who makes you laugh and smile. The one who gets out of bed at 4am to drive you to rescue your mother in law from a dire situation is different to the friend who on his deathbed says ‘thanks for the craic, it was a blast Rog’ ands makes you well up uncontrollably. 

I’ve spent the week in France with two of my best friends. One lives around the corner and I’ve seen regularly, one lives in Yorkshire and I’ve not seen since Xmas. They’ve gone home, I’m here till Monday. The good Lord has showered me with many blessings in life. My friends are one of the greatest. We don’t always appreciate this, but the last week has reminded me of just how lucky I am. I’ve seen a lot of kindness among my friendships in the last two difficult years. We’ve been there for each other. It reminds me, no one is an island. Never be too proud to accept the help of friends, it makes true friends happy when they raise you on their shoulders 

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