Sunday 28 August 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet 28th August 2022

 The summer is winding towards it's concusion, next week the kids will be back at school. I've had a busy week, my 60th Birthday, a visit to Rye and my first footie match of the season at Hadley FC. I'd recommend Rye for a short break, very pleasant place and not too far

Anyway, what have our local tweeters been up to? Here is my pick

1. Let's start with some beauty and traquilty in Edgware

2. And if you've ever wondered what goes on in Mosque's?

3. Some nice piccies of a Finchley Landmark

4. And on the subject of nice pictures

5. Hats off to Mr Chaimberlain, wonderful

6. Well done Joe, lovely picture of Cricklewood

7. Don's leading the way on beating the cost of living crisis! Grow your own

8. A date for your diary

9. And another!

10. Can't wait! One of our local superstars

That's all folks

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