Sunday 21 August 2022

The tweets of the week in the London Borough of Barnet - 21st August 2022

 I've had a bit of a strange week. Got back from France on Monday, four days later than I intended, as my daughter had to isolate due to French Law. Went to see one of my reggae heroes, King Yellowman at the Jazz Cafe on Tuesday. The less said the better. He had throat cancer and let's just say his voice has suffered. It was profoundly upsetting.  One Friday, I had a great evening at The Bohemia in Finchley with my band the False Dots and my great mates The Silencerz. Yesterday was spent recovering. A wonderful evening. Here is a snippet, the Burnt Oak Boogie

How was your week? This is what the esteemed Tweeters of Barnet have been up to.

1. And whilst on the subject of Burnt Oak, did you know it was once independent of Edgware?

2. This looks interesting

3. A little bit of Cricklewood history

4. Interested in local military history? A date for the diary

5. Nice mini thread here

6. We mentioned the Bohemia earlier. Why not nip along and check this out? These guys are good

7. Only at Hadley Fc, we have a drought but the first game of the season is cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch

8. Donald is always worth a follow!

9. When I heard about the Brent Cross Berach, didn't realise it was this good!

10. Sad to post, but if we catch them I'll be delighted

That's all folks!

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