Saturday 27 August 2022

The Saturday List #357 - The complete list of eateries on Mill Hill Broadway and the financial institutions they replaced and some Mill Hill History

Over the last few years, Mill Hill Broadway has seen a huge number of new caafe's, restaurants and bars. I was discussing this with a friend. I commented that at one point in the 1980's there were fourteen financial institutions on the Broadway. Now there are none, as Nationwide Building society are departing. So lest start with the departed financial institutions. Back in 2009, Audrey Shaw provided a wonderful guest blog, which I updated when she passed away in April 2020. I added pictures of every building in the Broadway in 2020, in the middle of lockdown and some older ones. 

By 2009, the number had declined to 7, the likes of Yorkshire Building Society, Chelsea Builiding Society and five others that I simply can't recall at all had disappeared without trace! Many of the shops that we assumed would always be features of the Broadway are now distant and somewhat anachronistic memories

Mill Hill Scenes

21 Barclays Bank Ltd
33 Halifax Bdg Soc.
35 Post Office
45 Santander Bank
73/75 H.S B C Bank
125/127 Lloyds T S B
46 Nationwide Bdg Soc

So on to the restaurants/bars etc. There are 28!

We have

North Side of the Broadway

9 The Bridge Tavern
19 Costa Coffee
23 Mill and Brew
27  Koi
45 Joice
51 Simple 
57 Bluebelles
67 Kiyoto
73/75 Food Bank
77 Moroccan Cafe
81 BAW
97/101 Prezzo
103 La Rada
105 Yummies
111 Pizza Hut
113 Gourmet Grill
119 Ananans
123 Hudsons (recently closed)
127 Domino's Pizza
143 The Good Earth

South Side

2 The Mill Hill Tandoori
8/10 Numa
20 Mani and Nicks
26 Broadway Cafe
40 The Pizza People
88 Gails Bakery
90 Yogopink
92 Pizza Express

In Audrey's list from 1959 we had a few less!

North Side
109 White Heather Restaurant
143 The Hunters Horn Restaurant

South Side
2 The New Cafe

There is a picture of the New Cafe on the Wonderful Mempics site

Whilst we are doing nostalgia and the Broadway in the 1950's, there are some nice shots of Mill Hill in this film, well worth a watch. 

At 1.17, there are some nice shots of the junction of Newcombe Park and Lawrence Court and a great film of a trip up the broadway 8.46.

I nipped around the corner, here are some comparison shots today and in 1956. 

Have a great Saturday!

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