Friday 26 August 2022

The Friday Joke and some random thoughts

 I am endebted to our old friend Captain Sensible for today's jem!

Why did the tomato go out with a prune?
Because it couldn’t find a date. 😬

I love a good joke! But I prefer a bad one!

As I said in the title, as well as the joke, I am sharing a few random thoughts. I spent yesterday afternoon in the clinic at Finchley memorial hospital getting my ankle checked out. There was a suspicion that I had a fracture, although the X-Rays showed it was a soft tissue injury. I was there for a total of three hours. Sitting in reception gives you a great opportunity to think about life. It is a fascinating place to do some people watching. It is interesting to see how the level of irateness at the people waiting to be seen is inversely proportion to how bad they actually looked (yes I know never judge a book by its cover). I'm quite happy for people with young children to jump the queue, as much for selfish reasons as compassion. I don't really get people who have a problem with someone with greater need jumping the queue. My ankle wasn't going to kill me and I could cope with the pain, I suspect certain moaning minnies were in the same position as me. The little boy who was suspected of having a broken arm was welcome to jump to the front. 

I took a newspaper, which accounted for the first hour. I recall when the Guardian had great writers and interesting articles. Now there is almost nothing to read in it of interest. As regular readers will know, I've bought the Guardian and the Express for most of my adult life. There was a time when the Guardian had writers like Simon Hoggart, Martin Walker, Robin Denslow, Kevin McCarra etc. Normally I skim it and read the articles that I deem interesting. Yesterday I read the whole thing. I found it to be a rather dull experience. Although I am deeply critical of their politics, I actually find the Express to generally be more interesting these days. I've always preferred tabloid football coverage, but a couple of the features articles were far more interesting than anything in the Guardian. I saw a tweet that Express journalists are going on strike of more cash, which is quite ironic (if it's true)

I'm almost tempted to join their picket line! 

How did you sleep? I normally sleep like a log, but I could hardly sleep at all. I was suffering high anxiety. The weird thing was that there was no focus, I just felt really uneasy.  It may have been due to watching the excellent film "The Railway Man".  My father had friends who worked (and died) working on the Burma railway. It is one of the better films I've seen of late. Lately I prefer films that actually make you think than are just visual overstimulation. 

It's a funny old world isn't it?

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