Friday 19 August 2022

#WorldPhotographyDay - A celebration of the best pictures from the Barnet Eye

 Today is World photography day. I was thinking about how to celebrate this. I realised that this blog has a whole stack of photo's going back nearly fifteen years. I thought a selection of some of my favourites was well worth a revisit. I chose these particular pictures as I think the faces of the subjects tell a very interesting tale. I went for pictures of people rather than places, as faces tell a powerful story

This is Keith Martin at the occupation of Friern Barnet Library. The Barnet Tories tried to close the library. Keith, a retired accountant, had different ideas! Keith's face says "We shall not be moved"

This is one of our guest bloggers John Sullivan with his daughter Susan. John is a a passionate advocate of disabled rights and a man I have ultimate respect for. Susan passed away from Covid during the height of the pandemic. God bless her. If you look at Johns face, you can see the passion and sheer determination to ensure his daughter was not thrown to the lions.

This is myself with my son, my mate Boz Boorer, his Daughter Pearl and QPR legend Kevin Gallen at a pre season friendly between Borehamwood and QPR in 2019. Borehamwood won, it was a great evening with much merriment.  Football at it's best is a multi generational celebration with mates. This captures that beautifully

This was my great mate Paul last Thursday in Bartres, France, at the HCPT talent show.  This may not perhaps be the best technical picture you'll see but it captures the night so well. Paul had sat down for a chilled moment and you can see that he knows the picture will cause a bit of merriment down the line.

This is another couple of friends from the HCPT group. My good mate Chris, a fine and compassionate man, with Johnny T in La Terrace bar in Lourdes. The sinking of a Formidable is an intrinsic part of the fun. Chris is a lover of a beer and is displaying a wonderfully stoic poker face here. Johnny T is entering into the spirit, it's not actually his pint. 

This was the last picture of my Dad, with my mother and my nephew Laurence in January 1987. Three days later he had a heart attack and was gone. Theya ll look so happy. At the time I was devasated, but he went out how he wanted, without a long illness and owing  a credit card bill of £5,000 which was written off!

This picture was taken of me in December 1981, on a Tor Line ferry from Gothenberg to Felixstowe. I was contemplating my future. The band would return a month later for a tour. I wasn't really looking forward to returing to the UK.

This is Gerrard Roots, the former curator of the Church Farmhouse Museum on the day of it's closure. You can see the sheer exasperation at the stupidity of this act of cultural vandalism.

The False Dots live at the Midland Hotel in Hendon, in December 2019. The day after Boris was elected. We are all going for it. Little did we know the storm that would hit. I love pictures of Rock and roll nads in action and this is one of my favourites of the Dots. 

I love this picture. This is my two elder brothers at my mum's 80th Birthday party in 2005. She was on  good form. She'd had a stroke in 2000 and fought back to some degree of independance. It was the last big party we had for her. I miss her. It is lovely to see a smile on her face. My brother Frank is wearing my Elvis wig, which caused her much merriment

I hope you enjoyed this small selection as much as I enjoyed putting it together. 


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