Wednesday 5 October 2022

Friern Barnet People's Library Reunion this Sunday 1-2pm

I've been asked to share this message by Phoenix and Danny, our Library liberators from Occupy.

Hi Friern Barnet library supporters,  congratulations to All for making it to the 10 year anniversary of Friern Barnet community library liberation.  We have confirmed the meeting on Sunday October 9th  1 -2 pm in the library for tea and cake. Bring food and cake to share.Bring A tale to share from the library campaign or a favourite book to share a line from.

Barry Rawlings and Pauline the councillors who supported us at the time, Will be guests of honour. Diane from the Guardian has said she will make it. Please pass this message on to anyone who was involved with the library campaign to save the famous Friern Barnet community library. 


Love Phoenix and Danny 


For me, the Save Friern Barnet Library Campaign was one of the absolute highlights of the Barnet Eye blog. Barnet Council shut the Library in April 2012. We opened the People's library the following Saturday on the lawn outside.

In September, Phoenix and Danny took over the building and the People's library moved back from the lawn outside, to it's true home. Barnet Council tried to get occupy to take on Friary Park as a distraction

The Council took the occupiers to court. The initial hearing had a ten minute slot at the local court. It ended up at the Royal Courts of Justice. Although the legal judgement was in favour of Barnet Council, the Judge made it 100% clear that she was granting an appeal and that the council would be likely to lose. In effect, as the case would set an important legal precedent, she felt that it was above her pay grade and would likely go to the highest court. Barnet saw sense and all the hard work paid off. Ten years later, there is a library and we are having a reunion. 

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