Friday, 18 May 2012

Barnet Council Expenses - Am I missing something here?

There is a fascinating list of what Barnet Council is paying for electricty on the council website -

It tells me that Barnet Council spent over £822.000 on electricity for their offices at North London Business Park. At night it is lit up like an Xmas Tree. We pay for that. When Barnet Council say they are efficient and cost effective, why do they never actually do the simple things like turning the lights off at night, when they go home?

I was also intrigued at some of the other energy bills. £81 for an air raid shelter at Lullington Garth?
The disinfecting station in Finchley? And why is the energy bill for Hendon Library five times bigger than the bill for Burnt Oak Library? And it appears that there are only two public conveniences left in Barnet. And why does a public clock use more electricity than a public convenience? And  what is the "accident prevention centre" in Daws Lane, Mill Hill, which used over £5,000worth of juice?

Copy of Compliant Contracts Going Live 30 Nov 2011

I've no idea at all whether this is all good or bad value for my money? Some of it looks a bit odd? What is even odder is that Barnet are waiving the normal rules for procuring the contract -

I've read this DPR and the argument seems to be that if they didn't sign the contract in a hurry, they would be shafted by the suppliers. The contract lasts for four years. Will it deliver value for money? I don't know. What I do know is that Barnet Council are spending  a fortune on gas and electricity. Surely the time has come to develop energy efficient policies, which are as simple as turning lights off or ensuring that heating is turned off overnight in empty offices. I see no reason why huge swathes of Council offices and car parks are lit up at night when everyone has gone home. It is my money going up in smoke. How come they can afford to literally burn money like this, but can't afford to pay for proper services for vulnerable people?

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