Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Brian Colemans revenge

Damaged pavement outside no 30 Millway
Would you f****ng believe it. On top of everything else, I was out delivering election leaflets in my own road last night, for the GLA elections. I'd just turned the corner from Newcombe Park into Millway when bang. Given that I'd not touched a drop, for a second I was perplexed. This feeling was soon overwhelmed by excruciating pain.  A huge hole in the pavement had caught my foot and I thought for a second that I'd broken my ankle. The irony of it is that Councillor Brian Coleman, the man who I'd been delivering leaflets to unseat is responsible for roads and pavements. His incompetence had nearly broken my ankle.

Luckily for me, the broken paving slab is more or less opposite my house, so I was able to nip in and slap an icepack on it.  God help us if I'd been an old lady, or a child on a bike or skateboard. The property where the broken slab is, is a childrens nursery. This is a complete bloody disgrace. It is still damaged now. I just took the picture.

It seems that Nick Walkley, CEO of Barnet has enough time on his hands to harrass Barnet Traders and get the police to visit them when they put out leaflets he doesn't like. It seems tha roads chief Brian Coleman has enough time on his hands to harrass traders in their own shops -
sadly it appears that they are so wrapped up in their own self importance that neither can do their f*****ing job.

It was quite ironic, as I returned from dropping my daughter off at school, the subject on the Vanessa Feltz show was "dodgy insurance claims". I looked at my swollen ankle and thought to myself "If Coleman wins I should take the council for  a few quid". Then I thought " hang on, I'm not Brian Coleman and I'd only be robbing myself, as the councils money is my money".

If you are reading, Councillor Coleman, fix the f***ing thing. An apology will do.

I have named the orafice in the pavement "Colemans Crack". I will keep you informed as to it's progress


Mr Mustard said...

Is the paving slab improved now that it has an ice park on it Roger?

Joking aside, get well soon. I am also hobbling but my own fault for rolling a motorcycle over my fooot!

baarnett said...

I thought Roger meant the house had the ice pack on it, Mr M.

I have always worried that Camden votes will get Bwain through the election, but here is a West Hampstead blogger (courtesy of Mrs Angry):
"Barnet and Camden: the end of the road for Brian Coleman?"

Vicki Morris aka Citizen Barnet said...

Hello, Roger, your story reminded me of the Colindale Spring (not to be confused with the Arab Spring, which came later).

Do you remember, do you remember, the terrible potholes in the boards of Barnet after the cold winter of 2009-10?

Throughout 2010 there was a whole saga as Brian Coleman, roads supremo, failed to get to grips with filling in the potholes (see related topic Grit Bins). I'd forgotten about all this; it could have provided some more material for John Baldy's 101 Reasons to Sack Brian Coleman blog.

I went and looked for my blogpost about the Colindale Spring, expecting it to be around March of 2010. But, no, I wrote it in June. In other words, it took that long (and longer) to fill in this one hole in the road that was damaging cars, local houses, and people's legs as they walked past!

There were many others, including a trench on a side road adjoining Golders Green Road.

There is no end to the reasons why we should take our chance to sack Brian Coleman, tomorrow, and go and vote against him as London Assembly member for Barnet and Camden. (And, yes, that means voting for Andrew Dismore... which is not such a hard thing to do...)

Here's my post about the Colindale Spring:

Vicki Morris aka Citizen Barnet said...
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Vicki Morris aka Citizen Barnet said...

Sorry, should have been holds in the roads obvs.

Also, the Colindale Spring did have a stopcock under the road/ Veolia aspect to it as well, but the whole trouble started off with the freeze and the potholes. Oh, I wish I'd never started this!

Not really, everyone WILL have a pothole story to tell.

Vicki Morris aka Citizen Barnet said...

Holes! Holes in the freaking road!

It's been a long day and there's another long one ahead tomorrow... #labourdoorstep

Morris Hickey said...

Roll on tomorrow.

COLEMAN (Barnet & Camden) AND EVANS (Havering & Redbridge) OUT!

B.Coleman said...

Look where You put Your feet.