Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bloggers letter to Councillor Richard Cornelius - The Empire Strikes Back !

Just in case you haven't been lucky enough to look at the comments left on the Hendon Times website about the story detailing the letters from Barnet bloggers to the Leader of Barnet Council, Richard Cornelius, I've decided to post some of them here. As they have been left by "anonymous" people, we can only speculate as to the identity of them. I find them quite hilarious. I hope you do to.

You can read the whole thing here :-

Here are the highlights. I hope none of them blow a gasket, losing all that wonga must really, really hurt !

hunters999 says...
12:30am Wed 9 May 12

Why is this newspaper even reporting this Story. Who do these 5 imbeciles think they are? I seem to recall an even greater majority for the Tories at the council election 2 years ago.The leader of the Council will treat this letter with the respect it deserves. It will be placed in the Hendon Town Hall toilet

Boombastic says...
3:56pm Wed 9 May 12

Anyone else sense the development of a collective Messiah complex?

james smyth says...
11:43pm Wed 9 May 12

Just who on earth do these 5 idiots think they are?
They certainly have been reading far too many childrens books and its about time that they grew up.
Do they really honestly think that they have any crediability?
Do they really think that people will honestly take them seriously? We all know that Barnet council is a joke but even they cannot be so dumb to be taken in by this publicity stunt.
The Barnet Bloggers who blame others for wasting public money but think nothing of wasting it themselves!
says it all really........
Yes they all claim to have saved Barnet Tax payers thousands ......but have they?
Where is the proof of all their claims ....Hard proof that can be directly attributed to them!
Mr unreasonable and always looking for fault says...
7:51am Thu 10 May 12

Why does this newspaper think that the views of 5 individuals who write their views on the internet (that's all bloggers are after all) are a news worthy story?!!

Some of them are failed council candidates and are obviously trying to be political campaigners.

These are just a small bunch of vain people who think their views are interesting enough for others to read when the fact is the vast majority of the population couldn't care less what they think and what 'demands' they make of an elected council. At least councillors have a mandate - these bloggers don't, all they have are one-sided opinions.

They say they represent 'residents' - they don't, when were they elected to this position?! They say the election results were all about the council's policies - it wasn't, it was about the mayorality. They pick and choose which issues the election was about, how do they know - they're ametuer spin doctors and good luck to them if writing sad articles in the middle of the night pleases them!

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Mr Mustard said...

Roger, you have left out the message which suggests swapping the 5 bloggers for the Cabinet ( unconstitutional of course but highly amusing all the same ). Mr Smyth usually posts in this vein and that is fine, I value his freedom of speech. I would observe though that between the 5 of us we have had 1,000,000+ page views so we must be writing something that people want to read even if he doesn't.