Thursday, 10 May 2012

Councillor Robert Rams - next for the sack?

Congratulations to the people of Barnet for getting Councillor Brian Coleman sacked from the GLA, LFEPA  & The Cabinet of Barnet Council. Mr Coleman's renumeration and position is now far more in line with his talents. Let's hope that the Leader of Barnet Council, Richard Cornelius is not under the impression that Brian Coleman is the only toxic Councillor who damages the Barnet Tory brand. Second only Brian Coleman is Councillor Robert Rams (Colemans mini me). He is the man who closed Friern Barnet Library, stringing along all manner of local community groups, wasting their time with false promises. Huge swathes of people are livid with Rams and his attitude. His double dealing with the #SAVEFBL campaign has made him target number one for unseating at the next Council election. This is likely to spill over and take out a fair few of his fellow Tory Councillors. I suspect that only sacking Rams from the cabinet and reopening Friern Library will save the Tories from wipeout in that part of the Borough. Rams has lost all trust of residents with his double dealing. The local Labour party estimated that thousands of voters switched to Andrew Dismore, purely because of Robert Rams and his decision to Kill Friern library. One Labour activist confided in me that he almost hoped Rams stayed because he was the nearest thing to Brian Coleman left in the Barnet Tory cabinet and if he went there would be no bogey men, just bores, duffers and buffoons.

Personally I'd like to be shot of him ASAP.

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button55 said...

It would be a great shame to discard some of these Councillors and a few MPs alike in the borough of Barnet at this time.

Lets be honest,campaigning is great fun but can be a little mundane at times.So what i would say to Richard and the HCA please don`t get rid of your idiots just quite yet,we need the fun aspect as well ..