Sunday, 13 May 2012

Manchester City - Premiership Champions 2012

As a Manchester City fan, I have no real recollections of when City last won the league in 1968. This season, they have played the best football all year. Despite the closeness of the final day, no one could begrudge City the title given the attractive football on display this season. It wasn't that long ago that I watched City beat Gillingham in the then League 2 play off final (now league one). Again that game was salvaged in injury time. Being a City fan has not been easy over the last 35 years, until last years FA final.

I guess that you appreciate the victories more when you've had nothing to cheer for years. Whilst I am not a fan of a system where a rich bloke can buy a club and change the balance of power in the premiership, I'd say that if it had to happen to any club, City fans deserve it. Even in League two, 26,000 fans turned out for home games. I wonder what will happen to the as humour associated with City? I always told my kids that being a City fan prepared you for life's disappointments and was far more character building than supporting United. Fair play to Alex Ferguson for his generous comments at the end of the season. He must be gutted. Who knows what the Gods of football have in store for City and United over the next few seasons. Ten years ago, the premiership was all about Arsenal and United, Twenty years ago Manchester United saw Liverpool as the enemy. Thirty Years ago it was Liverpool and Brian Clough at Nottingham Forest. Things change, they change again.

Lets hope Chelsea win the Champions League final. Whilst that will be terrible for Spurs, it will be good for English football, which was rather written off this season by European teams. I believe that Football Authorities resent the success of English Football. The truth is that the Premiership is the best league in the world. More fans watch it and the matches are more exciting. It is the one area of British life that is not in decline. Long may that be the case.

My player of the season - Vincent Kompany. I hope that the experience stands Joe Hart in good stead to help Roy Hodgson's England win the Euros. These moments don't come along often. We should enjoy them in style.

Viva La Champions.

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Morris Hickey said...

Not much concerned, frankly, who won the Premiership title so long as it wasn't Whinging Jock from Old Trafford.