Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Boris backs the campaign for fair parking charges in Barnet

For anyone who doubted that Andrew Dismore was the man to replace Brian Coleman at the GLA, we have proof that even Boris prefers his policies to the disasterous policies which cost Coleman his job. Here is Dismore's first question to Boris. His reply could not be a more clear message to the Barnet Tories. Let's just hope that Tory Barnet Council Leader, Richard Cornelius gets the message !

Barnet Parking Charges
Question No: 1322 / 2012
Andrew Dismore
What action have you taken to demand of Barnet Council that they reduce their parking charges bearing in mind you publicly condemned the charges as a “tax” during your walkabout in Barnet?
Written response from the Mayor
Parking charges are a matter for the boroughs. However, I am concerned that decisions over parking policy can often impact on economic development and have a detrimental effect on businesses and high streets.
I do not support parking charges or restrictions that might affect economic development, especially in the current economic climate.

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