Monday, 21 May 2012

Finchley and Golders Green MP advocates being lazy as a lifestyle!

Ask anyone which Prime Minister was the biggest workaholic and they will probably tell you that it was Margaret Thatcher, who took great pride in getting by on three hours sleep. A close runner up would be Gordon "I saved the world" Brown. Whatever you may or may not think of these two and I must confess to being a fan of neither, I was rather surprised and a tad amused by the successor to Lady Thatcher's constituency, Mike Freer coming out on twitter as am advocate of being a lazy git and a slob. I wonder how her Ladyship will view her successors comments. Those of us who were blogging in the days of Mike Freer's leadership will be amused to see him slagging off of his political mentor, Gordon Brown. Freer was a big fan of Brown's stealth taxes, Stalinist tendencies and like Brown could be very thin skinned in the face of criticism.

I must say that since Mike has become an MP, he does seem to have become nicer for the opportunity to put his feet up and chill out a bit. Let's hope Brian Coleman will also become nicer for his voter imposed rest.At times he even seems to have developed a sense of humour. I suppose if Matthew Offord MP is your best buddy, you jolly well need one.

Here's Mike's tweet.

Brown was total workaholic +we know how successful that was! Import that the PM is able to relax.

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Don't Call Me Dave said...

Whatever you may think of Mathew Offord’s ability as an MP, he has not been afraid to take a contrary view to David Cameron. Mike Freer, on the other hand, is totally devoid of principles. He doesn’t have any power as a backbencher and is so desperate to climb the greasy pole (No, Mrs Angry, that is not a euphemism), he says whatever he thinks will gain him promotion, whether he believes it or not. It does not occur to him to stop and think whether he is talking sense or the usual bollocks, for which he is well renowned in Barnet.