Monday, 21 May 2012

Where do the Tories find these idiots? Brian Colemans LFEPA chair shows crass insensitivity in tweet

I thought that with Brian Coleman London Conservative Politics had reached the bottom of the barrel for crass insensitivity. It seems that his replacement as chair of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority is even worse in the crass statements stakes. He just posted this comment on Twitter :-

Just seen a fire engine flying up Southwalk High Street on a shout. Got a real buzz from that!

Doesn't it occur to this imbecile that fire engines are only called out when there is a serious problem. Granted that it may be a cat stuck up a tree, but it could be someones house burning down. Lives may be danger or even lost. What sort of a person gets a buzz from the fact people may be at risk and their home may be destroyed. If he'd said he felt proud to be leading these brave men, I would have applauded. It appears he just doesn't get the serious job he's bee given.


Morris Hickey said...

Another useless prat who, like Evans, fails to reply to emails.

Isn't it time that the GLA gravy train was scrapped?

Ron said...

about a year ago, i had an incident with coleman, when he was harassing a ppor guy trying to make a living from an icecream van. i've tried to explain to coleman (AM ret.) that he has no ground to harss that guy, while telling the icecream guy to ignore coleman. at that point coleman turned around, and while waving his mobile in my face shouted: "I am going to detain you for obstructing..." and then turned around and went away. those guys didn't come over their infantile period when we all wanted to be firefighters and policemen.

Morris Hickey said...

It's Coleperson himseelf who should be detained - under the Mental Health Act.