Friday, 4 May 2012

Brian Coleman - Who's Sorry Now?

Thanks to Adrian Murray-Leaonard for the pic
Brian Coleman has been sacked by the people of Barnet in the GLA elections. This means he loses his £53,000 a year allowance and his taxi expense account. Will Boris want to keep such a liability on at the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority? Reports are coming out that the Boris/Ken race is far closer than anyone thought. As Barnet is the largest borough in London in terms of number of people, it seems that Brian owes Boris for the cost of a new pair of underpants at the very least.

The Barnet Conservatives have scored a massive own goal. How stupid did they the think people of Barnet were? How did they think they could get away with the parking hikes which Coleman brought in?

When this blog started in October 2008, we were the only media outlet which was critical of Coleman in Barnet. We embarked on a mission to ensure that everyone in Barnet knew what Brian Coleman was really like. Over the last four years, people started to realise. Others started their own blogs, then the local press found their voice. I started blogging on the Times Group of local Newspapers. Brian Coleman mounted a campaign to get me sacked by the editor. He succeeded in persuading the editor of the Times to sack me for my robust stance against his troughing. I started the Barnet Eye blog in response. It seems that whilst Coleman persuaded the editor, the people of Barnet have sacked him. If I helped persuade them, then I am proud of that fact.

The Conservative Party must now take a long hard look at their policies in Barnet. It is clear One Barnet program is a millstone around their neck. They must now think again.

Tonight I will sink a few sherbets. 


ainelivia said...

big sigh of relief (-:

B.Coleman said...

good riddance.....

Morris Hickey said...

Well done the Barnet Eye.

Here in Havering & Redbridge Evans scraped through with a majority slashed to below 4,000 and a drop of more than 10% in his share of the vote. So 4 more years free riding on the gravy train for a political nonentity.

button55 said...

How the not so mighty fall ..