Thursday, 3 May 2012

Day Zero for Barnet

So did you vote? You still have time. If you haven't voted, you still have time as the polling station is not yet closed.

Today is day zero. Tomorrow we can either see business as usual in Barnet, with park charge hikes, rudeness to residents and neglect of High Street traders. Alternatively, we could see a strong message to our councillors, putting them on notice that we are fed up with this treatment.

The choice is ours. Let's make it count.


Mr Mustard said...

It is going to be very interesting tomorrow Roger. I can't go to the count due to work committments but expect I will hear the cheers here in High Barnet from Alexandra Palace if Brian loses his seat. His reaction if he loses will be interesting. He dishes it out but can he take it?

Morris Hickey said...

Early signs (11.41 am) are looking good in Barnet & Camden.