Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Brunswick Park Byelection - Barnet Tories in disarray

News reaches the Barnet Eye that the Chipping Barnet Conservatives are in a state of panic at the very real prospect of losing the ward. I've had reports from both Conservatives and Labour supporting activists and councillors that there is a very big shift towards a tactical vote to show the Barnet Conservatives that a change of course is necessary and urgent.

There also seems to be a big issue with trust with regards to what the intentions are for the future of Osidge library. It has not escaped notice that the neighbouring library at Friern Barnet has been closed and Councillor Robert Rams has spoken on many occasions on concentrating Library provision at the "three key libraries, one in each ward". It also appears that there are very real issues with the candidate which the Conservatives have chosen. People are aware that she is playing fast and loose with the truth. She has claimed to simply be an ordinary working mother, but evidence has emerged that she is a very active member of the Conservative party, with links far and wide. She has a senior role in the Conservative Muslim Forum which for some reason she mentions nowhere in her leaflet. Whilst this organisation is a mainstream body, which is highly respected, one wonders why the candidate is so loathe to play down her association? You would think that as a member of a powerful organisation, she would be keen to extoll the virtues of the organisation and her leading role in it.

Members of the Barnet Alliance for Public Services are giving out leaflets explaining why a tactical vote will be the best possible result for Barnet. Following the demise of Brian Coleman due to such tactical voting, Barnet Council have undertaken a strategic review of parking policies. Only a resounding rejection of the mess they have created will drive the message through that we can't wait any longer for reform. If you want to help end the parking chaos, join the Barnet Alliance at New Southgate station tomorrow between 5pm and 7pm and help make a change for the better.


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Morris Hickey said...

Shock! Horror! News of the Year! Event of the Century!

A Tory candidate in an election is an active member of the Tory Party!!!