Friday, 20 July 2012

Barnet Council ban cup cakes, music and childrens activities from Our Barnet Torch procession finale

Is Barnet Council really run by idiots? The Barnet Alliance for Public Services have organised an alternative torch relay through the streets of Finchley tomorrow. The metropolitan Police are happy with the arrangements. That should be the end of the matter. Sadly as this march does not support the political ideology of Joseph Stalin Richard Cornelius with regard to Kremlin Council politics, the council have decided to be rather spiteful and try and knobble the plans. Given that they can't actually stop it, they have written to the organisers to say that they are not allowed to have cup cakes, music and childrens face painting at the culminating point in Finchley's Victoria Park.

So rather ingeniously, the muppets Council have managed to ensure that everyone attending will be really pissed off and inspired to fight even harder against the One Barnet program than they were before. All they've managed to do is remove the pleasant activities, which help build a bit of community cohesion.

The letter was sent at 6pm, allowing no time for discussion or to challenge the legality of the decision. This is not without precedent. I received a legal warning about a leaked document a while back. It arrived at 6pm on a Friday. Interestingly the paper copy was posted at 4pm. I have emails from the council claiming that the timing was "purely coincidental and was not designed to be intimdatory".

The net result of this stupid ban will be more bad publicity for the council and more lies and deceit on their part. They assume the public are stupid and believe the old crap they get told. Sadly, every lie, every bit of intimidation and every distortion simply helps build the Barnet Spring movement.

Just ask yourself this. What sort of council feels threatened by fce painting for children?

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