Friday, 6 July 2012

The persecution of Helen Michaels - A response from Councillor Daniel Thomas

Earlier today, I posted a blog which contained an email from Councillor Daniel Thomas. The contents of this email are very revealing. When Helen Michael was questioned by Scotland Yard, they told her that the complaint which they were investigating was made by the returning officer Nick Walkley.

Many people in Barnet have been suggesting privately that Mr Walkley may have been acting against Helen Michael on the instructions of a Barnet Councillor. It now appears that this is not the case. It appears that Mr Walkley has taken against Helen Michael purely on his own intitiative. Here is the response of Councillor Thomas.

I will of course be contacting Nick Walkley to explain his actions. In light of the fact that Mr Walkley publicly stated in January that he was "pissed off with his treatment" by Helen Michael and other Finchley traders, are we starting to see the foundations of something rather sinister. Many thanks to Councillor Thomas for his clarification.

Dear Mr Tichborne,

Thank you for your message.

It is my understanding that Councillors cannot instruct a Returning Officer to do anything and quite rightly so as that could breach their impartiality.

If you have a concern regarding a Returning Officer's decision please raise the matter directly with the official concerned and if you are not satisfied with the response please ask them to which body the matter can be escalated.

Kind regards,

Cllr Daniel Thomas

Finchley Church End Ward

Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Resources and Performance

London Borough of Barnet


Don't Call Me Dave said...

This reply from Cllr Thomas is all well and good, but did Nick Walkley make his complaint to the Police in his capacity as Returning Officer or Chief Executive of Barnet Council?

Mrs Angry said...

let's ask him, shall we?