Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Barnet Council Tories - Men Behaving Badly !

The Barnet Eye was lucky enough to video some of last night's council meeting. Some of the footage was truly astonishing. I personally thanked Councillor Hart for his efforts to make the blogs more interesting !

You can see Robert Rams loose the plot, Tom "Mummys boy" Davey be truly obnoxious, Councillor Dean Cohen give us a master class in public speaking and Robert Rams give us a perfect display of bad manners and getting caught out !

 It would be quite funny if the issues the were discussing didn't involve a billion pounds of our money, our young people's education, parking policies which determine the success of our High Streets, the provision of services to people on low wages and benefits and the provision of care for the elderly and disadvantaged members of our community.

I challenge anyone of any political persuasion to persuade me that the footage here would instill confidence in the stewardship of the council by the Conservative Party in Barnet. Sadly for many disadvantaged in Barnet, the only thing this bunch are prepared to give them is an ironic laugh.

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Morris Hickey said...

Listened to it. Pip sure does squeak!