Wednesday, 25 July 2012

What is the story behind the Theresa Villiers sexy pics?

Us Barnet bloggers are a competive bunch. Today Mrs Angry reported a huge number of blog hits from people seeking details of the Olympic Torch procession in Finchley. As this was the only story in town today, we decided to check our own blog stats and see what our most popular search phrase was. Imagine my surprise to find that it wasn't anything to do with the Olympics. It wasn't anything I've ever seen searched for before. Nope the most popular google search phrase today for people stumbling upon the Barnet Eye by accident was "Theresa Villiers Sexy pics" Sure enough, if you do a Google search on this phrase, the Barnet Eye is the third most popular search item. I decided to see if there were actually some naughty piccies of Big Tess on the net (purely as reasearch for this blog I hasten to add), so I did the same search as an image search. Not a single piccie was returned. I removed the quotation marks and this was the top of the pile of  pictures I got.

I got pictures of Nick Clegg, planes,bikes and cars. I didn't however get a single sexy shot of big Tess. One wonders why all of a sudden this has become a hot google search item? I must admit that I was rather pleased that there weren't a load of embarrassing pictures of the Chipping Barnet MP on the net.

We can only guess as to who was searching and why. I suspect they were rather disappointed. with the blog they landed on at the Barnet Eye. It seems that Theresa has lead a very pure and wholesome life as far as the net is concerned. And there is no shame in that !

As ever, this blog must also mention that the rumours (started by a scurrilous blogger) that Ms Villiers used to sing backing vocals in my band - The False Dots are completely untrue. One wonders what Ms Villiers has done to deserve these rumours. She's always been very pleasant when we've met her.


Mrs Angry said...

hmm. I think you will find that pictures of ladies with the name Theresa, and indeed, Tess, are by nature 'sexy' and desirable. Apparently.

baarnett said...
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